Ready to Welcome Our Visitors

November 17, 2020

Ready to Welcome Our Visitors

When the news came to say we would have to close our doors we are sure you can imagine what went through our minds, not only is this our family business its also our family home.

After the initial shock we set to decorate, tidy the garden and spend some quality family time going for some beautiful walks.

Then we heard about the lack of PPE for our frontline workers, after joining a group to lend support we became the hub for donations to be dropped off etc. it was a great feeling to be part of the local community volunteer group and have made some lifelong friends from doing so.

Check out this video report from our local TV channel advising what we went through and outlining some of the changes being made, some things we have found were not working for us and guests but most are still in place when you come and visit. Our aim is to keep us and all our visitors as safe as we possibly can in these strange times.


Raised from our Eddie Kidd Ride Out from Llandovery to Colwyn Bay! Thank you to Everyone who helped us out with the food and drink

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