Going Live it’s not about the numbers

November 17, 2020

Going Live it’s not about the numbers

Good Afternoon/Morning or Evening wherever you maybe when you come across this.

What strange times we are living in right now one minute we can open the next we have to close again.

So instead of sitting back with our head in our hands Tracey (well me) is keeping herself very busy each morning she goes live on Facebook whilst walking Flash, did you know we now have a dog? No well more about that another time………

Because of this Tracey (yeah me) has kept things positive and helped a lot of people through these times not feel alone, so when asked if she would give her top tips on going Live in another friends Network group she went all in, after all she has been doing all these challenges and learning all sorts.


If you have an online business or you’ve just always fancied it and have been a little scared to press that Live button below is a link to some of her tips


My Top List to go Live


Raised from our Eddie Kidd Ride Out from Llandovery to Colwyn Bay! Thank you to Everyone who helped us out with the food and drink

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